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Latest Information on Russian Visas and Flights to Russia

Russian Visas and Flights to Russia

Latest Information on Russian Visas and Flights to Russia

Aeroflot airlines have resumed flights to Russia from 1st of August.

There will be one flight per day and two flights on Saturday from London to Russia. Flights timetable is constantly changing so we highly recommend visiting www.aeroflot.ru for the most up to date information. Once you are on board, you will require to fill out a special questionnaire.

Who is eligible to enter Russia?

  • UK passport holders can enter Russia if they have a valid Russian visa. Please note, a printed medical document (in English or Russian), confirming a negative PCR test for COVID-19, at the check-in and then at the border of the Russian Federation is required. If you do not hold a confirmation for negative COVID-19, you will not be allowed to board.
  • NON-UK passport holders who have a a valid UK visa, official residence permit or blue residency card (for European Union passport holders – an official document, issued by the Home Office and certified by a notary confirming their residence is required).

Do I have to self-isolate for 14 days after arriving to Russia?

  • Self-isolation is not required once you arrive to Russia.
  • Please note, quarantine is still in place for arrivals to Russia who are planning to work there permanently.

How to apply for a Russian visa during COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Please contact Intelvisa team for visa support documents and visa procurement services.
  • Please note, biometrics are still required to obtain Russian visa.
  • Everyone must wear a mask when at the visa centre.
  • For the time being, Manchester visa office is closed. In order to apply for a Russian visa, please contact Intelvisa to arrange an appointment either in Edinburgh or London visa centre.
  • Please note, it currently takes a month for a multiple business invitation to arrive. Please plan your trip to Russia in advance.
  • If you have an urgent business trip, a special-aim visa can be arranged in one working day.
  • Current processing times: Edinburgh visa centre – standard: one week, express – 1 day; London visa centre – standard: one month, express – 3 working days.


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